PCB VCP DC Copper Plating  DSA

PCB VCP DC Copper Plating DSA

Product name: PCB VCP DC Copper Plating
Product Overview: Plating materials used in printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing processes.
Product features: stable dimensions, firm coating, corrosion resistance, long service life;
effectively reduces tank voltage, a significant energy-saving effect;
ultra-low consumption can reduce production costs.
Advantages and highlights: long life (can be customized according to customer requirements);
low energy consumption, and high electrocatalytic activity.
Conditions of use: electrolyte CuSO4·5H20 H2SO4; temperature 20℃-45℃; current density 100-3000A/m2DC;
Applicable scenarios: VCP line/horizontal line copper plating, via/fill/pulse copper plating, soft/hard board plating, semiconductor substrate plating;
After-sales service: Providing timely and high-quality new anode manufacturing and old anode repainting services worldwide.

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PCB Gold Plating  DSA

PCB Gold Plating DSA

Product name: PCB Gold Plating
Product Overview: Improve the conductivity, oxidation resistance, and wear resistance of circuit boards to meet their use needs in special occasions.
Product features: excellent performance, good electrocatalytic performance, antioxidant capacity, and stability.
Highlights: long life, low energy consumption, superior plating uniformity, low comprehensive use cost, and high-cost performance.
Applicable scenarios: circuit board gold plating
Application conditions: electrolyte acidic/cyanide system, gloss agent & other additives Au: 4-10g/L, CN: low concentration, PH: 4-5; temperature 40℃-60℃;
Current density: 0.1-1.0ASD; average 0.2ASD
Product after-sales and service: We provide timely and high-quality new anode manufacturing and old anode recoating services globally.

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