Taijin Xinneng’s first welcome basketball game was successfully held

In order to further enrich the corporate culture and allow new employees to join and integrate into the Taijin collective as soon as possible, in early August 2023, the company's labor union held the first "Welcoming Basketball Game". A total of 4 teams including the equipment factory team, the anode factory team, the functional department team, and the Xaar company team participated in this competition, and a total of 7 games were held.


At the opening ceremony, Huang Jin, chairman of the company's labor union, delivered a speech, hoping that through this competition, various departments can continue to strengthen communication, unite, collaborate, and have the courage to fight and show the good spirit of the company's employees.


During the competition, the participating team members overcame the effects of the scorching heat and heavy rain together and competed with style, level, and friendship.