Taijin's new star is rising

The couch is swept wide to welcome new arrivals, and Taijin gathers from all over the world. Recently, outstanding graduates from many universities all over the world arrived at the company to start a new journey in life. The company organizes orientation symposiums, centralized training, outdoor development, and other series of activities to help newcomers complete the role transition from campus to the workplace.


1.Condensing the power of Taijin|Transformation and improvement

Holding a new employee symposium every year is the tradition of Taijin Xinneng and is also the "entry ceremony" for new employees. The company's chairman Feng Qing had an in-depth and cordial group talk with the new employees. The meeting officially started with the self-introduction of new employees. Later, representatives of the company's young employees shared a series of growth stories such as their own journeys and how to provide high-quality products and services to help the new employees change their mentality and improve their work efficiency. At the end of the symposium, Feng Qing put forward "three requirements and three expectations" to the new employees, encouraging them to set high aspirations in line with the company's vision, strictly observe discipline and develop an excellent style, learn with an open mind, strive to improve their comprehensive abilities, and grasp the key points Taijin's growth opportunities are to be a Taijin person who has ideals, dares to take responsibility, is able to endure hardships, and works hard.


2.Understand the Taijin architecture | teach and know each other

In order to let new people quickly understand Taijin New Energy, the company arranges a one-day intensive training. General Manager Kang Xuanqi delivered a welcome speech to the new employees. Relevant departments conducted training courses such as "Company Overview and Development Plan" and "Company R&D System and Philosophy" to learn about the company's development history, main business, corporate culture, information system, etc. detailed explanation

The company organizes newcomers to visit various production plants. The new people have a more intuitive understanding of the company's business, and front-line production employees also welcome new colleagues to join Taijin and encourage them to devote themselves to training and integrate into the Taijin family as soon as possible.


3.Expand the spirit of Taijin | Experience·Hehe

Taihe works together to write a new chapter, and Jin Cheng is connected with the same heart and dream. The newcomers braved the scorching summer heat to undergo comprehensive quality development training, and achieved ice-breaking integration in the form of a small team. They experienced climbing training to overcome fear, code passing to improve communication efficiency, and human ladder wall climbing to test teamwork, etc., improving their teamwork capabilities. , promote communication among new people and build a more efficient team.

When new Taijin employees enter the workplace, they are like the rising sun, the sprouting of buds, and the new hair of a blade. It is the key period of struggle for the career to set sail. With new opportunities, new nodes, and new hopes, Xintaijin people will keep in mind the mission of "continuous innovation to achieve customers, strengthen the company, enrich the people, and benefit employees", and practice it with an enterprising spirit, perseverance, and an attitude of staying together through thick and thin. Excellent skills will help the company realize its vision of "becoming a global leader in green and intelligent electrolysis complete solutions and services" as soon as possible.