TaiJin Impressed Current Probe MMO/PT Anodes For Process Tank

TaiJin Impressed current probe MMO/PT anodes for process tank

2.0~100.0 USD

Taijin Impressed current probe anodes are an effective solution when there is a need to protect the internal surfaces of a pipes .

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Product Attribute

Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces
Trade Term FOB
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, WU
Place of Origin Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity 300m per day
Packing Inner package: soft...
Delivery Date According to the...
Brand Name Taijin
Substrate Titanium ASTM B348 Gr1
Coating Mixed Metal Oxide( Iridum base/Ruthenium base)
MMO coating uniformity Greater than 90 percent
Standard working life 20 years
Application Cathodic protection
Quality control Confirm to system standard ISO9001:2008
Junction box stainless steel box or pastic box
Current output in soil 100A/m2
Current output in sea water 600A/m2
Color Black

Product Description

TaiJin Impressed current probe MMO/PT anodes for process tank


TaiJin Impressed current probe anodes for structure

TaiJin impressed current probe anodes are an effective solution when there is a need to protect the internal surfaces of a structure, such as a condenser water box, process tank, pressure vessel, intake / discharge piping, or similar. Available in a wide variety of sizes, materials and configurations, these probe anodes allow through-wall installation of the anode from the exterior of the structure.

1.Anode Materials

The anode element is available in a number of material choices including:

  • Platinized niobium*

  • Platinized titanium*

  • Mixed metal oxide (MMO)**

    * Platinum thickness can vary from 50 to 300 microinches.

    Physical Considerations

    Depending on the probe anode application, diameter of the anode, flow rates and other considerations, probe anodes may or may not require the use of a non-metallic support shield. This shield is designed to provide structural support to the anode rod and to provide current shielding properties.



    1] Heat Exchangers.
    2] Pumps.
    3] Valves.
    4] Pipes.
    5] Marine .


    - Solid Titanium rod.
    - Solid Niobium rod.
    - Copper cored Titanium rod.
    - Titanium Tube with end closed.

    4.Typical Anode Configuration



      Available in 7 standard sizes of rod for probe anodes as 6.00 mm Dia, 10.0 mm Dia, 12.0 mm Dia, 20.0 mm Dia & 25.0 mm Dia,30mm dia &32mm Dia, other sizes are available on request.



      Diameter (mm)


      Surface Area(m2)

      Working life(year)






















    • High Current Output

    • Low Coating Wear Rate

    • Five Year ProductWarranty

    • Also available as RodAnode Assemblies

    • 7.Equipments


      MMO Titanium Wire Anode

      Accerlerate Life Test

      MMO Titanium Wire Anode

      8.ISO9001 Certificate

      9.Coating Thickness Test

      MMO Titanium Wire Anode


      10.Quality Control

      Multi-Plate MMO Coated Titanium Sheet Anode/Electrode

      11.The List of Products from Xi'an Taijin

      1) Anode for Cathodic Protection

              a) MMO Titanium Tube Anode/Platinized Titanium Tube Anode

              b) MMO Titanium Disk Anode/ Platinized Titanium Disk Anode

              c) MMO Titanium Rod Anode/ Platinized Titanium Rod Anode

              d) MMO Titanium Sheet Anode/ Platinized Titanium Sheet Anode

              e) MMO Wire Anode

              f) MMO Titanium Mesh Ribbon Anode

              g) MMO Titanium Ribbon Anode

              h)Titanium Conductor Bar

              i) MMO or Platinized Probe Anode

      2) Titanium Anode for Hydrometallurgy

      3) Titanium Anode for Electrolysing Copper Foil

      4) Titanium Anode for Electrolysing Aluminum Foil

      5) Titanium Anode for Sodium Hypochlorite and Seawater Electrolysis

      6) Titanium Anode for Electrolysing Organic Synthesis

      7) Noble Metal Compounds

      12. Main Export Markets:


    • Asia

    • Australasia

    • Central/South America

    • Eastern Europe

    • Mid East/Africa

    • North America

    • Western Europe