MMO Coated Disk Anode-Long Term Supplier Of Corrpro And Catheco

MMO Coated Disk Anode-Long Term Supplier of Corrpro and Catheco

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Our mmo disk anodes have been used in UK Corrpro and Catheco for 12 years, and everything is fine in application.

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Product Attribute

Min. Order 1 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms L/C, T/T, WU
Place of Origin Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport Ocean, Air, Land
Production Capacity 200 pieces per day
Packing Plastic or paper as...
Delivery Date According to the...
Brand Name Taijin
Substrate Titanium ASTM B265 Grade 1
Catalyst Mixed Metal Oxide & platinum
Coating thickness Generally 5-8 microns or as needed
Current output 600A/m2 in sea water
Long term cooperating partner UK Catheco and Corrpro
Products package Single Disk anodes,complete set of anodes and other accessories-silver copper strip, reference electrode
Highlight NO.1 Head group(NIN) Titanium Materials Processing Ability combined perfectly with Taijin improving continuously coating syst
Highlight NO.2 Uniform coating surface and durable coating adherence
Highlight NO.3 Staffed internationally experienced engineers dedicated to offer innovative,tailor made products for customer
Highlight NO.4 Supply professional suggestion and guidance from our engineers with NACE CP2 and CP4

Product Description

MMO Titanium Disc Anode

The Disk Anode was designed for cathodically protecting dam and navigation lock gates, and marine structure, water tanks and shipes, inside of the pipes, tanks or other curved sufaces etc. It can be applied in fresh, brackish and seawater enviroments.

1. Substrate and coating:


Titanium ASTM B265 Gr1



max 0.08%


max 0.03%


max 0.015%


max 0.20%


max 0.18%


max each 0.1%


max total 0.4%




2) Coating Catalyst:Mixed Metal Oxide & Platinum


2.Dimension & Shape

All dimnsions and shapes are available, custom manufacturer.


3. Quality Control and Assurance


Strict quality procedures are followed throughout the whole process from raw materials to finished products to ensure coating adhesion, loading and working life.


1) Chemical Composition- ASTM B265 Gr1


2) Visual Coating Uniformity, Color and Scratch


3) Coating adhesion


Two Steps


 First, feeling the surface of tubular anodes in a pair of white gloves to observe

 whether black mark is left on the gloves


Second, paste with transparent tape to observe whether black mark is left on the



4) Coating thickness (SEM)


4. Quality Certificates Enclosed upon Delivery


1) Raw materials test certificate

2) Coating cosmetic inpection, coating bonding test and coating thickness certificate

3) The certificate of  origin (Form A)

4) Qualified approval


5. Products

MMO Coated Titanium Disk Anode for Cathodic Protection of Ship Hull

MMO Coated Titanium Disk Anode for Cathodic Protection of Ship Hull

MMO Coated Titanium Disk Anode for Cathodic Protection of Ship Hull



Company Information


 1. Introduction


        1) Founded in 1998, our Company is a major supplier and manufacturer of MMO & platinized titanium anodes,

            cathodes, nonferrous metals and deep-processed titanium products and Electrolyzing Devices.   

        2) We have 3 large workshops covering 50 acres with a staff force of above 200 and strong producing capability.

        3)  ISO certified companies complying to the ISO 9001:2008

        4)  The third party test certification

          a)  MMO Ribbon Anode and MMO Mesh Ribbon Anode Performance Test from  Det Norske Veritas   

               Inc. under the standard  of  NACE TM0108 and NACE TM0294   

          b)  Production Assessment from Bureau Veritas Certification

          c)  SGS Verified Gold supplier of titanium anodes

       5)  Joint verture

         a) Qingdao Suirui Marine Enviroment Engineering Co. Ltd.

         b) Wuhan Xingda Technology Engineering Co. Ltd.

         c) Corrpro Companies, 

         d) Siemens Water Technologies

         e) Savcor Tempo Oy

         f) Cathelco Limited

         g) Hama Trading & Contracting Co.(Kuwait) and so on           


2. Workshop and laboratory


Machining shop



Precise Temperature Control Resistance Furnace

Titanium MMO Tube Anode for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection


Accelerated Life Test

Titanium MMO Tube Anode for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Coating Thicknes Test (SEM)

Titanium MMO Tube Anode for Impressed Current Cathodic Protection

Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector



3.  Certificates


ISO9001:2008 Quality Certificate

SGS Golden Supplier



BV Production Assessment Certificate


4. The Up-to-date Customer Visited and Envaluated the Facotry