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10.0 USD
Min. Order: 1 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: L/C, WU, T/T
Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Land, Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: As the client's anode...
Packing: Inner package: soft... Delivery Date: As the client's order...
Brand Name: Taijin Substrate: Titanium ASTM B265 Gr1/Niobium
Coating: Platinum Shape of base material: Expanded mesh, sheet, pipe, rod, wire
Size and construction: Customised Pt-layer thickness:: 0.5-15 microns
Platinum coating method: Electroplating & Sintering Quality Test: PT coating thickness, PT coating surface microimage,PT coating adhension test
Application: Electroplating, Cathodic Protection, Water Treatment etc. Platinum coating technology support: Northwest Institute of Non-ferrous Metal Research
The 3rd party certificates: SGS, BV,UKAS,QMS

Platinized Titanium/Niobium  Anodes

Platinum coated (Platinized) Titanium/Niobium Anodes are highly conductive anodes used in electroplating, water treatment/Electrochlorination to antifouling, fuel cells, cathodic protection, and other electronic applications. Platinum coated Titanium Anodes are generally instantly available in most volumes and can be fabricated in forms such as sheet, mesh, perforated plate, rod, or wire.


1. Substrate& Coating

1) Titanium Grade1 and Niobium -Expanded mesh, sheet, plate,rod, tube etc.


3) Coating methode: Electroplating

2. Applications


1) Electro dialysis.

2) Cathodic Protection

3) Electroplating  precious and base metals.

4) Electrochemical Sensing.

5) Electro winning and Refining of metals.

6) Electrolytic Regeneration of chromic acid.

7) Electrolytic recovery for precious and base metals.

8) Electrolytic Production of Sodium Hypochlorite.

9) Electro synthesis of Inorganic & Organic chemicals.


3. Quality Assurance


Certificates enclosed delivery


1). Platinum coating thickness test(SEM)

2). Platinum coating adhension test

3). Platinum coating surface visual test

4). Platinum coating surface microimages(SEM)

5). Other test requested by customers.


Quality control process and standards



We could provide the following services to meet with your requirement.


A. Customized and Precision products

B.  Professional recommendations and design

C.  Competitive factory prices

D.  In time delivery

E.  Indenpent labrotary quality assurance




1) We are a state-governed enterprise held by Northwest Institute of Non-ferrous Metal Research(NINMR)  for 18 years, we are manufacturer, no trading company.

2) OEM and ODM service available.

3). We have our own independent labrotary, and also we can send our products to test in national-level labrotary of our head company(NINMR).

4). All of the customers' samples,orders and drawings and all private  would be recorded and maintained secrectly.




1)  Here you will find the most competitive factory price

2) We are China biggest and earliest manufacturer of titanium anodes.

2.) We will make a strict time schedule, sufficient raw materials preparation for your order to 100% ensures the timely delivery.

4)  The production state during the whole lead time will be kept updated for you regularly.

5). 18 years titanium electrodes manufacturing experiece

6) Prompt reply within 12 hours.

7) Custom logo printing is accepted.


5. Coating thickness recommend


Field of applications of platinum titanium anode and recommended coating thickness


Hard chromium plating, fluoride-free

2.5/5.0 microns

Gold baths, weakly acid

1.5 microns

Gold baths, alkaline

1.5 microns

Rhodium baths, strongly acid

2.5 microns

Nickel/Nickel alloy baths

1.5 microns

Cyanide waste waters

1.5 microns


1.5/2.5 microns

6. Workshop 




7. Laboratary 



8. Products




Platinized DSA Titanium Electrodes

Platinized DSA Titanium Electrodes

DSA Platinized Ti Anodes

DSA Platinized Ti Anodes

Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

Platinum Coated Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

DSA Platinized Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

DSA Platinized Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

Platinized Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

Platinized Titanium Anodes from Xi'an Taijin

Xi'an Taijin Titanium Platinized Anodes

Xi'an Taijin Titanium Platinized Anodes

Platinized Titanium Electrodes from Xi'an Taijin

Platinized Titanium Electrodes from Xi'an Taijin

Manufacture of Titanium Platinized Anode

Manufacture of Titanium Platinized Anode


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